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The world is changing, and our business landscape is developing right alongside it. Our contemporary digital world offers so many advantages to business leaders, one of which is the ability to build remote teams. This has allowed forward-thinking companies to access a rich variety of talent, filling their organizations with colleagues from diverse cultures, which in turn cultivates innovation. It’s an exciting time! However, remote operation certainly brings its own challenges; including bringing together individuals who work in different cities or even countries for team enrichment and bonding exercises. 

Which is why we’ve committed to developing a unique program of activities designed to bring virtual teams closer, without the need for travel. We’ve spent the last several years creating opportunities for team building in Colorado; capitalizing on the distinctive surroundings for teams in Denver Metro, Boulder, Aurora, and surrounding areas. We’ve taken a similar approach to making the best remote team exercises; activities that bring everyone together, but can also take advantage of your employees’ own personal spaces! We apply the same level of professional diligence — working with leaders to understand their goals, and the specific needs of their business — and forge a team building events strategy that has a meaningful impact upon everybody involved. 

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Virtual/Remote Team Building

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Who Kidnapped the Boss
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Who Kidnapped the Boss

A customizable team building game that can be played anywhere with your remote (or in person) teams. Teams will work through a series of riddles, puzzles and photo/video challenges to unlock suspect statements. With that info in hand they must determine who kidnapped the boss. Teams can use hints - but beware, hints cost points. Can you solve the mystery in time and earn more points than the other teams? This is normally customized, so YOUR Boss has been kidnapped and your own team are the suspects (fully branded with fun Kidnapped posters and promo videos). Learn More About Who Kidnapped the Boss

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Anybody who has taken a meeting over Zoom knows that things can get a little unruly, but you can rest assured that we’ve designed our virtual team building programs to be practically organized, well supervised, yet providing space for fun and expressions of individuality. Your group — which can be of any size — will join us on Zoom, where they’ll be met by our expert MC, who will facilitate introductions, talk through the rules, and guide the group through the activities. Even when team members have to split off into smaller break-out rooms to solve puzzles, our MC can be summoned to handle any problems that might arise.

Perhaps your company has been embracing the diversity of virtual workspaces for years, or maybe you’re new to the benefits it can offer; either way, Connections Team Building and Training has the tools and expertise to bridge the physical gap. Whether your team is in Aurora, Denver, Golden, or spread across the planet, we’ll introduce you to a range of enriching options, including:

Diverse Solutions for a Diverse Workforce

In essence, these virtual activities open up the expertise and fun of our team building events in Denver Metro, Vail, Boulder, and beyond to the wider digital landscape. We continue to work diligently to understand how we can develop our programs, optimize them for a changing world, and help business leaders bring their distant colleagues closer together. We’ll ensure your remote group has fun, discovers a little more about one another, and has the opportunity to become a more cohesive, effective working unit. They’ll also make some great memories along the way! 

Get in touch with us to discover how Connections Team Building & Training can help you make a lasting, fun impact on your organization.