Outdoor Team Building

Some of the most memorable and valuable team building experiences take place in the great outdoors. Whether you’re bonding together as you overcome challenges while battling the elements, or pushing your competitive spirit through sports in the summer heat - the outdoors offers opportunities for growth and bonding. This is why we’ve worked to carefully craft a range of outdoor events for team building in Colorado, each designed to develop a diverse variety of skills and maximize the element of fun.  

We also deeply understand the importance of expertise when it comes to embracing outdoor locations. Each of our events is designed, built, and staffed by those with the knowledge you need to optimize your group’s potential, while keeping them safe. At Connections Team Building & Training, our goal is to make sure your group emerges from their outdoor team building adventure as stronger individuals, and a closer collaborative unit, all while having some fun and building positive memories. 


Our Offerings

Outdoor Team Building

Select one of the options below to learn more about the team-building event.

Western Round Up
Survival Island
Great Race
Field of Dreams
Field Day
Corporate Recess
Colorado Extreme Adventure
Blizzard Bowl
All Sports Scramble
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Western Round Up

The Colorado outdoors is calling your Company to rise to the challenge and compete in the western experiences that Colorado has to offer.

Learn More About Western Round Up

Survival Island

The group of castaways will be broken into tribes that go head to head at each reward challenge.

Learn More About Survival Island


A Team adventure with an International Olympic flair.

Learn More About Olympics

Great Race

The teams will be given a backpack filled with tools, maps, schedule, and clues including Road Blocks, Fast Forwards, or Detours.

Learn More About Great Race

Field of Dreams

You'll be batting a thousand with this one! There is just something about baseball activities in the summer that your team will love.

Learn More About Field of Dreams

Field Day

You still crave the time to take a break, have a great time, play all afternoon, and create some strong bonds with friends.

Learn More About Field Day

Corporate Recess

Ah, Recess; the time during the school day to break free of the classroom, and let off some steam. Everyone’s favourite subject has been revamped and modernized to create a fun, fulfilling event for team building in Denver Metro!

You’ll head out into your makeshift adult schoolyard with your friends, and compete against one another in a varied selection of activities designed to strengthen your bonds, test your team dynamics, and pump the fun factor to 1000! We’ll provide all the equipment, guidance, and responsible adult supervision to make certain your Corporate Recess is a success.

The bell has rung, it’s time for Recess! Tailor your experience with challenge stations such as the following field day style races:

Big Skis
Three-legged Race
Walla Balla
Spoon Race
Sack Race
Obstacle Course
Wall Climb
Art Show
Trike Race
Balloon Race
Diver Down
Pharaoh’s River
Fast Pitch
Amoeba Race
Hoop Shot
Water Bottle Race
Beach Ball Push
And many more!

Learn More About Corporate Recess

Colorado Extreme Adventure

There are times when you want to take team building in Denver Metro beyond the norm, to venture outside the urban limits. We are fortunate in Colorado to have access to an incredible variety of environments, each with potential for exploration and adventure throughout all four beautiful seasons. Connections Team Building and Training Colorado Extreme Adventures have been expertly designed to allow your group to safely explore outside of their comfort zone, and participate in a range of fun and memorable challenges.

Our adventures are incredible opportunities for the teams to work together to solve problems, to encourage one another to experience something a little different, and enhance their individual and group confidence. This outdoor program pushes all participants a little further than they may have thought possible, and provides team members to learn more about themselves, and one another.

These team building experiences are tailorable to your needs, and there is the opportunity to choose from a selection of activities which are symbolic of real Colorado adventures, including:

White Water Rapids
Mountain Climb
Golden Eagle Rescue
Snowboarding Challenge
Football Throw
Stock Show Roller Roper
Speed Pitch
Big Ski’s
Bicycle Race
Bull Ride

Also available for this adventure are many types of virtual reality and arcade games which offer a Colorado flair:

Golden Tee
Air Hockey
Off Road Thunder
Big Buck Hunter
Arctic Thunder
Alpine Racer
Alpine Surfer
Bass Fishing
Rapid River
Laser Shot
Golf Simulator
Wii Games

Learn More About Colorado Extreme Adventure

Blizzard Bowl

We incorporate the best winter FUN into some real team bonding in the brrrrr cold.

Learn More About Blizzard Bowl

All Sports Scramble

This is the Team Adventure for you if your group is a bunch of FANatics!

Learn More About All Sports Scramble

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We’re constantly working to create incredible outdoor events, and each can be tailored to suit the needs of your organization. Take a look below at a small selection of the diverse range of options we have available.   

Venturing Beyond the Comfort Zone

While there are opportunities for growth in our everyday lives, it’s important to remember that there is value in breaking outside of our four walls and exploring what lies beyond. Connections Team Building & Training is dedicated to discovering new and exciting ways to utilize our incredible natural surroundings and open green spaces for unique, fun, and enriching team building in Colorado. 

Get in touch with us to discover how Connections Team Building & Training can help you make a lasting, fun impact on your organization.