No not at all. We typically suggest doing 50% physical and 50% mental challenges. We want everyone on the team to be able to participate so we want to play to the variety of strengths on any given team.

For sure! Tell us what you want to accomplish, your theme, your event venue, your budget and the demographic of your group and we can help you to create the PERFECT program.

Most definetly. We prefer that you wait until the team adventure program is over to host a bar or alcoholic beverages. For obvious safety precautions it is best to be sober when participating in physical challenges. We suggest having some snacks and water or sports drinks during your program then have a meal before or after the event.

Absolutely we have many ways to incorporate your specific training or meeting agendas into our programs. If you need some very specific information tested…try a custom created game show, where you can get feedback as to what concepts were understood and what needs more work. The Visions/values sculpture is a great way to align your team to your culture core values or the company vision. Many of our programs can include elements of testing on products, services, or any other knowledge concepts. People learn ten times more and with 100 times more retention when they laugh while learning. It is great fun to have the teams answer questions or prepare information in order to get their supplies or equipment to complete their challenges.


This is slightly dependent on the size of your group and what you want to accomplish. The typical program should last 1 ½ to 3 ½ hours and we can add or eliminate certain elements to meet your time allowed.

The return can be measured in so many ways for a very long time to come. If nothing else; we guarantee that when a group shares a FUN experience together it opens up communication and a sense of trust in a team. When you all are able to let down your guard and do some silly activities together, you will have something to talk about and laugh about when you are at work or completing a project together. It has been proven that people learn more when the learning is reinforced with fun and laughter. If you are dealing with any of the following a Team Adventure or a more in-depth training workshop will begin solving the issues and creating more productivity:

  • “Private venting sessions” amongst team members
  • Teams not committed to team decisions
  • Competitive vs. collaborative team dynamics (night vs. day shifts, sales vs. production)
  • Lack of team accountability
  • Training sessions that are boring and do not get desired results
  • Closed minds in a team that change is needed
  • A group of strangers that need to bond in order to align towards a goal
  • And so many other group dynamic challenges!

The most important thing is their positive attitudes, their desire to have fun, and an open mind. They should dress comfortably in jeans, shorts, work out gear and tennis shoes. They should also bring a water bottle and of course some creativity.

WOW the possibilities are endless! We have done programs for all kinds of work/corporate groups; sales teams, to mix-up and create communications between sales and operations, the bonding of two separate teams during a merger, acquisition or the melding of two locations. People spend half their waking hours with their work teams creating cohesions and a committed team is crucial to any business success. We have done a variety of programs for school groups as well; student groups, fraternity or sororities, teachers and administrative teams before school starts, and PTO and other parent groups. Church groups and other civic organizations and non-profit boards can benefit greatly with the increased productivity that comes with having an effective team.

There are a huge variety of event venues in and around the city. Many groups choose to have their event at their own location in a warehouse or office building. City and county parks make great team adventure venues. Most of the sports complexes in the Denver Metro area host private functions. There are some perfect ranches, estates, hotels, sporting venues, and gyms that create the perfect atmosphere for your team adventure. We have a vast list of the best venues based upon your group size, budget, event needs, and what you are wanting to accomplish.