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Ad Biz

This is a great Team Adventure choice for testing your organization’s knowledge or to reinforce training on a new product, service or the visions & values of your company, plus this is BIG FUN. We bring the cameras, props, costumes, staff and a ‘director’ emcee. Your teams use communication to script, perform, and film a TV Commercial for your organization. We can customize this in so many ways by creating a “prompt” for the commercial or to tell the team they must “sell” a specific aspect of the company. The entire group will have a great time viewing all the finished products.

All Sports Scramble

This is the Team Adventure for you if your group is a bunch of FANatics! There is a sport for everyone. We divide your group into teams and they start by coming up with their team name, mascot, uniform colors, & team cheer. They are given their season’s schedule detailing the head to head challenges through various sports-themed games.

  • Golf Putt, Driving Cage or Simulator
  • Soccer Kick or Slap Shot Hockey
  • Makoto or Laser Skeet Shooting
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Slot Cars or Virtual Daytona Racing
  • Speed Pitch or Batting Cage
  • Alpine Racer or Alpine Surfer
  • Human Bowling or Human Foosball
  • Bouncy Boxing or Bull Riding
  • Field Goal, Armchair QB, Bungee Football or Football Toss
  • Pop-A-Shot Basketball, Bungee Basketball or Armchair Hoops
  • Plus many more, you can choose a sport for everyone.

Bikes for Kids

Each team will help build a bike that will change the life of a child. This bicycle building experience will touch your hearts and inspire your minds. It is filled with fun and excitement, as well as skills, tools and experiences that will make a dramatic & powerful impact on your team. Teams will compete in problem solving puzzles and challenges to be rewarded with the tools and pieces needed to construct the bikes. These bicycles will be donated to local children’s organizations like The Tennyson Center, YMCA, A Precious Child, CASA or Boys & Girls clubs. By giving teams will get so much in return through the bonding experience.

Birthday Memories

We work with the local non-profit A Precious Child to donate a special box containing everything a child needs to celebrate their special day. A Precious Child works with families in need to identify kid’s who otherwise would not get gifts, a cake, decorations, etc. on their birthday as these things are out of reach finnacially for the family. Your organization will be divided into teams and work together on custom designed and curated challenges, puzzles, and trivia in order to earn the supplies needed to build a Birthday-In-A-Box package.

Blizzard Bowl

The first ingredient is snow…so we have to pick the right place and season for this one. We incorporate the best winter FUN into some real team bonding in the brrrrr cold. Try a chariot sled race, snowball launch, snowshoe race, snow sculptures, broomball and many more of the best games in the white stuff!


Some of the most memorable team building events in the Denver Metro area lean into what Colorado does best. When exploring possibilities for our Scaventure experiences, we’re always looking for the fun and fascinating aspects our local areas can offer. Those unique twists for groups to explore as they strengthen their collaborative relationships, and have a lot of fun. Brewventure blends problem solving with the rich brewery culture of Denver Metro.

Teams will need to craft a strategy to finish their assigned tasks and venture to local breweries. Along the way they’ll be challenged to work together, using their individual talents and group dynamics to answer trivia, take photos, solve puzzles, and find specific locations. At each brewery teams will get to try local beers as part of their quest to complete custom challenges. The teams will be given a designated time in which they must meet at the final target location, and must complete as many items assigned by a smartphone app as possible.

We provide everything needed for your group to enjoy a fun, enriching hunt. Our staff will be on hand to explain all the rules, send the teams on their way, and act as referees in calculating the results at the end of the event.

Build a Better Mousetrap

When organizations recognize that the challenges they face are varied and often unexpected, it becomes clear that agile solutions are the key to success. An important aspect of this is helping those who work with you to understand how and why circumstances can change, and support them in developing the practical skills and mental flexibility that ensure they’re able to adapt when the unexpected occurs.

That doesn’t mean to say that passing these skills onto your workforce needs to be dull, though! Which is why we’ve taken the time to craft a fun and challenging team building event in Colorado that helps teams to forge closer bonds, improve their communication skills, and explore how companies and the individuals they collaborate with should approach change management.

Our Build a Better Mousetrap event is a unique program influenced by the bestselling motivational business book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. In the book, 4 characters — 2 humans and 2 mice — are in a maze, looking for their cheese (a metaphor for what each of us wants in life). Our event features activities that best reflect and reinforce the lessons that these characters must learn in order to build the skills to handle changes and challenges successfully.

These lessons are called the “Handwriting on the wall”, after the list one of the human characters makes on the wall of the maze when he learns a new nugget of wisdom each day. They include:

  • “Change happens”
  • “Anticipate change”
  • “Monitor change”
  • “Adapt to change quickly”

Our expert facilitators task the groups with completing a project together, providing them with a specific set of parameters and key assigned roles within the group. Then we switch everything up to simulate the effects of unexpected change. They must use their individual talents, group dynamics, and resourcefulness in discovering new ways to successfully adapt.

By the end of the event, your group will have learned how to successfully create the project despite the sudden appearance of new rules, players, and deadlines among other obstacles. Through enriching yet fun activities, we mimic the challenges they’ll face in real life, where at any time — whether during business projects or in their personal lives — the circumstances might change; but they still have to make it work.

As with any Connections Team Building & Training event, we have designed Build a Better Mousetrap to be flexible. Our experience and expertise has helped us to gain a deep understanding of the various unique challenges each organization faces, and as such we’ll work closely with you to provide a customized program. Prior to the event, we’ll discuss what your goals are, and how we can ensure your group gets the most out of their time with us. As with most of our activities, we’re able to adapt it to most venues; whether you’re team building in Denver Metro, Breckenridge, Vail, or beyond, we can make this program work for you.

Change is a reality of our world. We’ll help your organization discover tools and build skills that will ensure they not only cope with the unexpected, but thrive through the challenge.

Camper Quest

Camping is a true Colorado passion and pastime. While enjoying the beautiful backdrop of the Colorado mountains, we take your group through a wide range of “camper” themed challenges, using real camping supplies. The great thing is that all that camping gear gets donated to a local Scout Troop or Non-Profit camp helping inner-city kids experience the great outdoors of Colorado.

Colorado Extreme Adventure

Experience a team-building adventure Colorado style.

Your teams will participate in all of the best activities Colorado has to offer from all four beautiful seasons. Throughout the fun and memorable challenges, the teams must work together to solve problems. Choose from the symbolic activities of real Colorado adventures below.

  • White Water Rapids
  • Mountain Climb
  • Golden Eagle Rescue
  • Snowboarding Challenge
  • Football Throw
  • Golfing
  • Stock Show Roller Roper
  • Speed Pitch
  • Big Ski’s
  • Bicycle Race
  • Bull Ride

Also available for this adventure are many types of virtual reality and arcade games with a Colorado flair:

  • Golden Tee
  • Air Hockey
  • Off-Road Thunder
  • Big Buck Hunter
  • Arctic Thunder
  • Alpine Racer
  • Alpine Surfer
  • Bass Fishing
  • Rapid River
  • Laser Shot
  • Golf Simulator
  • Wii Games

Corporate Recess

Remember when Recess was your favorite subject? Has anything really changed that much? You still crave the time to take a break, have a great time, play all afternoon, and create some strong bonds with friends. Well the bell has rung let’s go to Recess! Choose from challenge stations such as the following field day style races;

  • Tug-O-War
  • Big Skis
  • Three-legged Race
  • Walla Balla
  • Spoon Race
  • Sack Race
  • Obstacle Course
  • Wall Climb
  • Art Show
  • Trike Race
  • Balloon Race
  • Diver Down
  • Pharaoh’s River
  • Twister
  • Fast Pitch
  • Amoeba Race
  • Croquet
  • Hoop Shot
  • Water Bottle Race
  • Beach Ball Push
  • And many more!

Field Day

Remember your elementary school field day and how much your loved it? Has anything really changed that much? You still crave the time to take a break, have a great time, play all afternoon, and create some strong bonds with friends. Well, the bell has rung let’s hit the field to win some ribbons! Choose from challenge stations such as the following field day style races;

  • Tug-O-War
  • Big Skis
  • Three-legged Race
  • Walla Balla
  • Spoon Race
  • Sack Race
  • Obstacle Course
  • Wall Climb
  • Art Show
  • Trike Race
  • Balloon Race
  • Diver Down
  • Pharaoh’s River
  • Twister
  • Fast Pitch
  • Amoeba Race
  • Croquet
  • Hoop Shot
  • Water Bottle Race
  • Beach Ball Push
  • And many more!

Field of Dreams

We really knocked it out of the park with this one! Summer is about good weather, baseball, and being with friends.  We combined all of that into one team building your group won’t want to miss.
“Welcome to the Pros”! That is what you’ll be hearing if your team can work together to overcome some of the ingenious challenges we have devised to select the best team. Your group will represent the Coor’s League vying for this coveted slot at Coor’s Field. Each challenge is designed to make your team think and interact with one another in an entirely unique and fun ways, while utilizing the incredible setting of Coor’s Field as a backdrop.

Football Fantasy

Your adventure will unfold at the world-renowned Empower Field at Mile High. The field is perfectly situated near downtown Denver and is truly a magical place for your teambuilding adventure. We are starting a new Summer Football League (SFL) to take full advantage of the field in the off season. Welcome to the Pros! Your group will represent the teams vying for this coveted slot at Sports Authority Field. Each challenge is designed to make your team think and interact with one another in entirely unique and fun ways.

Game Show Mania

Connections Team Building & Training will customize a program using your facts and data to create all of the questions and answers or choose some Pop Trivia. Complete with screen, projector, sound system, digital score with podiums, microphones and an emcee. Hosting a game show is a fun and exciting way to test your group’s knowledge retention of training material, products, and/or services. This is a great choice for small groups of 2-3 teams.


  • Fabulous Feud
  • The Challenge (Jeopardy style)
  • Spin To Win (Wheel of Fortune Style)
  • Who Wants To Be A Game Show Millionaire

Global Solar Giving

As the world’s population increases and nonrenewable sources of energy for cooking dwindle (e.g., firewood in Asia and Africa) or seriously damage the ozone layer (e.g., fossil fuels), the need to adopt clean, renewable energy sources and devices that utilize these sources grows ever more critical. Solar ovens are one answer.

We take your team and make sure your event is in line with your Corporate Social Responsibility policies. Each team must work together to complete challenges and win the supplies they need to build a solar oven. We use an oven at the end of the event to come together to do some solar cooking for a special treat.

Connections Team Building & Training then sends the ovens to third world countries where being able to boil water can be the difference between life & death.


Great Race

The group will be divided into teams. The teams will be given a backpack filled with tools, maps, schedule, and clues including Road Blocks, Fast Forwards, or Detours. They will then have to follow their team’s colored route markers and the clues they find along the way to get to various destinations.


They will encounter tasks and challenges to complete. All the teams will make it to The Pit Stop and compete to not be the team that ends up at Elimination.

  • Climb & Repel
  • Pick A NumberBike Race
  • Slap Shot
  • Pull It
  • Statue Dig
  • Raft the River
  • Bronc Ride
  • Calf Rope
  • Build It
  • Shoot It
  • Drag Race
  • Memory Match
  • Solve It
  • Ride The Slope
  • Surf the Wave
  • Unlock It
  • Joust
  • Bumble Ball
  • Aim It

and many more!


Homeless Care Packages

Join your colleagues to make the day of someone living on the fringe of our society. Each team will be required to work together in challenges that will earn them supplies to build their own custom care package that will be donated to local shelters. Each of the puzzles and challenges can be customized for the needs and abilities of your group, the budget, or to add trivia from your organization.

Lights, Camera, Action!

This is a great Team Adventure choice for testing your organization’s knowledge or to reinforce training on a new product, service or the visions & values of your company, plus this is BIG FUN. We bring the cameras, props, costumes, staff and a ‘director’ emcee. Your teams use communication to script, perform, and film a Movie Trailer for your organization. Add some fun drama to your culture. Is your team a saga, comedy, horror flick? Is the staff superheroes or romantics? The entire group will have a great time viewing all the finished products.

Military Care Packages

Join your colleagues to make the day of someone over seas serving in our armed forces. Each team will be required to work together in challenges that will earn them supplies to build their own custom care package that will be sent to military stations requesting extra supplies. Each of the puzzles and challenges can be customized for the needs and abilities of your group, the budget, or to add trivia from your organization.

Minute to Win It

Show us the blueprint! The game begins in 3, 2, 1! You have a minute to win it – good luck!

Time is of the essence. A looming limit can both put additional pressure on us, and encourage us to be more resourceful. Our Minute to Win It event brings this concept into a uniquely competitive, fun scenario for team building in Colorado. Part game show, part skills training; this is the ultimate in fast-paced, family friendly, collaborative action!

Your group will begin their experience by splitting off into teams. We know how important group identity can be, that the right team building event can help individuals feel closer and more committed to their organization, and form stronger bonds with their colleagues. This is one of the reasons why we like to ensure that each team has accessories and tools that identify them as part of a unique unit, and encourage a sense of belonging. We bring items to help promote their team spirit, including bandanas, and some very cool branded team agendas.

Teams will receive their tournament schedules, and then the games will begin! They’ll compete in 10 levels of crazy games and tasks, all of which must be completed in a minute or less. Some of these, such as “Broomski Ball” and “Junk in the Trunk”, will challenge their resourcefulness and communication skills by providing them with some ordinary household objects that they must improvise with in order to achieve a goal. Others — including “Stack Attack” and “Face the Cookie” will see them using their agility and coordination abilities to overcome missions that are deceptively simple. There will be times where the tasks must be completed with full team participation, and others that are undertaken by individuals while their team boosts their confidence with encouragement!

We bring all the equipment, and expertise in the form of our event facilitators. Our emcee — who will perform in either “Fiery” or “Ohno” style — will help to create an atmosphere of excitement and entertainment, whipping the crowd up into a frenzy and engaging the group. For the full game show experience, we arrange to crank up the fun with a sound system and screen to play music, display game instructions and videos, and project the dreaded Minute to Win It timer!

At Connections Team Building and Training we have a deep understanding of how simple games in the right environment can help organizations achieve their unique training goals. That’s why we begin our relationship with you by discussing your needs, and what you hope to get out of Minute to Win It. Like the majority of our events, we are committed to making this flexible, and are able to craft the experience to fit various types of venues, whether you are team building in Denver Metro, Breckenridge, Golden, or beyond!

You bring the teams, and we’ll bring the fun, expertise, and challenges 60 seconds at a time.


A Team adventure with an International Olympic flair. Each team will be given Country and Color Names, ie: Blue Americans. The groups will create team cheers and flags. Olympic themed decor will add some pizzazz to the day’s events. Choose from the challenges below to determine the Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists.

  • Gladiator Joust
  • Bouncy Boxing
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Human Bowling
  • Speed Pitch
  • Velcro Drag
  • Velcro Wall
  • Obstacle Course
  • Bungee Run
  • Human Foosball
  • Mountain Climb
  • Trike Race
  • Tug-O-War
  • Golf Distance Driver
  • Target Shoot
  • Video Skeet Shooting
  • Kickball or Wiffleball
  • Badminton
  • Super Chexx Hockey

Par for the Course

Your group will be divided into 9 or 18 teams and each team will have all the necessary equipment to build their own putt-putt golf hole. We bring all the supplies for the holes, the general store, staff facilitators, & an entertaining ‘Golf Pro’ emcee.

Conference Scavenger Hunt

Random Acts of Kindness

Building stronger, more effective teams is not just about capitalizing on those hard skills that have practical results, it’s also about engaging empathy, social abilities, and a sense of our responsibilities to the world around us — both in the office, and in our lives beyond. Which is why we’ve created a unique event for team building in Colorado that meets the need to bolster practical abilities, while reinforcing individual and company values. Not to mention the chance to spread happiness in a way that’s a lot of fun!

Random Acts of Kindness is a light-hearted competition that leans into the idea that teams’ resourcefulness and creativity have the ability to bring a smile to someone’s face. At the beginning of the event, your group will be split into teams of 3-5 members, and tasked with the challenge of seeing which team can do the most good using limited resources and a whole lot of creative and empathetic thought. While our expert facilitators will be setting specific challenges, it is down to each team to apply their talents, resourcefulness, and agility to find a way to meet that challenge while having a positive effect on the community.

They’ll form closer bonds while interacting with one another and the public to participate in a series of random acts. They’ll gain a deeper insight into the good even small deed of positivity can bring, as they step outside of their comfort zone to record themselves telling their favorite joke to a stranger, or leave a fiver on a vending machine to treat the next visitor to a snack. Some of the challenges will also find them performing small acts of generosity and joy for their own teammates, supporting the idea that while we must do what we can for the wider community, we must also engender positivity within our own organization.

Each organization we work with has their own unique goals and needs when booking an event. Which is why, like the majority of our activities, we have designed Random Acts of Kindness to be a flexible tool. When you contact Connections Team Building and Training, we’ll discuss what you hope to get out of your time with us. We’ll then customize the content of the event to integrate seamlessly with your existing corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and reflect your organization’s core values.

One of the advantages of Random Acts of Kindness is its ability to work well in almost any location. This event is all about fostering positivity in your community, and whether you want to make a difference by team building in Aurora, Denver Metro, Golden, or beyond, we will work with you to organize opportunities to make a difference to your group members, your organization, and the community you serve.

Survival Island

Let’s face it, most of us have considered a secluded, tropical island when choosing a venue for a company activity. Unfortunately, we have to face the reality that sipping cocktails on a beach is unlikely to result in enhanced business skills! So, why not invite your group to take part in a very different kind of island experience? We created Survival Island to be an experience of team building in Colorado like no other. A varied, exciting day of competition, camaraderie, and communication. It might not give your organization the tropical vistas they crave, but they’ll build memories they won’t forget in a hurry!

This is an immersive, head-to-head experience, with your group acting as castaways, who will be split into their competing tribes as soon as the event begins. They’ll choose a tribe leader, who will then take delivery of their “tree mail”, which includes the tribe banner, and the agenda for the day. They’ll bond as they individualize their tribe; creating a name for themselves, and taking possession of their colored tribal “buff” — the bandana that is symbolic of their connection to their tribe. Then they’ll combine fun and creativity by working together to create a unique chant to perform in front of the tribal council.

Throughout the event, your tribal castaways will engage in a variety of competitive activities that test and build a range of skills from hand-eye coordination to agility. Some they’ll find physically challenging, others will test their mental acuity and general knowledge. They’ll strengthen their trust in one another, and tap into their resourcefulness to complete tasks with limited materials. Perhaps above all else they’ll gain a deeper understanding of how their individual talents can be forged with those of their tribal brothers and sisters to benefit the team.

The main Reward Challenges include:

  • River Rafters
  • Catch of the Day
  • Blind Leading the Blind
  • Tribal Stompede
  • Target Shoot
  • Castaway Course
  • Corks & Keys
  • Wicker Flicker
  • Go Fish
  • Coconut Maze Race

There are also Immunity Challenges, which give the tribes opportunities to gain extra points:

  • Tan-Dy-Gram
  • Auction Memory
  • Island Trivia
  • Flag Designation
  • Word Warrior

At Connections Team Building and Training we also understand that each organization has individual needs. Like the majority of our events, this activity is designed to be flexible. We’ll first engage with you to understand what your organization’s goals are, and talk about how we can customize the event to suit your needs. If you want the trivia section to test aspects of company knowledge, we can make that happen. Does your team building event need to take place in a specific venue in Aurora, Denver Metro, or Golden? We’ll work with you to make that practical.

By the end of your group’s experience working together as part of a tribe, they’ll have bolstered their talents and strengthened connections in a way that can not only help them survive, but thrive.

Toy Workshops

Your group will create cohesion and learn some communication skills while making charitable contributions to local children’s charities. The teams must solve challenges and puzzles successfully as a team to earn the supplies they need to create the toys to be donated. These challenges can be designed to fit your group’s needs and budget.

We bring all the tools, parts, and accessories to make each toy unique and allow the group to use their creativity.

Visions and Values Sculpture

This is a collaborative activity where the artistic and creative abilities of your group will be encouraged to flourish!

We bring all the supplies and a huge multitude of cool and unique pieces & parts. Then we provide minimal instructions so the teams will have creative license to create. The team’s project must communicate their joint ideas to design a sculpture that represents their visions and values for the company.

This is a great activity as a break out to a strategic planning meeting. Projects may be displayed in the company hallways, conference or lunch room for all employees to view and vote on the sculpture that best reflects the interpretation of the company’s vision & values.

We throw in some twists that force everyone to think on their toes, just like in real-life situations.

Western Round Up

Giddy up cowboy! As the group arrives to OK Corral, they will be divided into teams and given a schedule of which tasks on the ‘Ranch’ they’ll be completing throughout the day. Connections Team Building & Training brings all the Cowboy Challenges to keep your cowpokes corralin’. Try the bull ride, quick draw, calf roping, horse hops, archery, cow milking, cowpie throw, and many more wacky western games that test your groups resolve, communication, and ability to work together in “interesting” situations. We also bring the bandanas as team identifiers, the tournament schedules, and very cool branded team agendas. Our Emcee will engage and entertain the crowd ranch hand or sheriff style. Our challenge facilitators will be on site to give the rules, help teams play, and keep scores. We do it all, so you can have fun ropin’ and ridin’. We bring our round up to some of the best ranches and venues in Colorado ask us to help find your location, bring in some great western bbq chow, and the music, etc.

Who Kidnapped the Boss

A customizable team building game that can be played anywhere with your remote (or in person) teams.  Teams will work through a series of riddles, puzzles and photo/video challenges to unlock suspect statements. With that info in hand they must determine who kidnapped the boss. Teams can use hints – but beware, hints cost points. Can you solve the mystery in time and earn more points than the other teams?  This is normally customized, so YOUR Boss has been kidnapped and your own team are the suspects (fully branded with fun Kidnaped posters and promo videos).