Team Bonding Through Giving & Social Responsibility

A great way to build teams on a deeper level is through charity work. Setting a common goal for everyone to work towards will not only allow people to connect in a positive way but it’ll also bring in some fun while doing some good.

This type of teamwork naturally creates a deeper level of gratitude towards your organization and creates positive energy throughout each individual in general. Reaching for a charitable goal and directly seeing the impact each person’s efforts make will boost employee morale and instill strong character traits into each member of your team. Your team wants to know that through their work they have an impact on the world.

Here at Connections Team Building and Training, we have some awesome charity ideas that will make an impact on both your team and your greater community.

Birthday Boxes

A Precious Child is a local Colorado nonprofit that provides resources and donations to children and families in need. You could have your company host an event to create birthday boxes for individual kids who would otherwise go without. Through fun games and/or trivia, your teams could earn items for their child’s box, filling them up with gifts, decorations, and even the cake mix and candles.  This allows parents to be empowered to give their child the birthday they want to provide.  These boxes lift the family not just the birthday kiddo.


Get your team busy with charitable hands-on projects like building bikes for needy children. Each team will be challenged to solve puzzles, play games, etc. to earn tools and parts they’ll need to build bikes. These bicycles can then be donated to local children’s organizations like the YMCA, CASA or Boys & Girls Clubs. This will surely be an experience no one will forget.

Military Care Packages

To help those serving our country overseas, your team can build care packages for military members to brighten their day and give them some basics they may not have access to. This will leave any team feeling empowered and inspired, while bringing everyone closer together too.

Homeless Help Kits

This is a great way to directly impact those you may see everyday in the neighborhood or city. While building these kits of essentials, teams can compete to earn the items they’ll need to pack through puzzles, challenges, or trivia. These kits can then be donated to local shelters and/or charities to give to those in need.

We hope this list helps you get some ideas for charity team building that’ll not only benefit your employees by bringing them together, but also make a change in the lives of others. When you’re transparent about your event and show directly the impact it can have, everyone will feel more grateful to participate and be a part of a caring organization. When your staff feels grateful, they will find more purpose within your organization, be more productive, and feel a sense of camaraderie in accomplishing some good together.  For more ideas on charity team building, visit here.