Giddy up cowboy! As the group arrives to OK Corral, they will be divided into teams and given a schedule of which tasks on the ‘Ranch’ they’ll be completing throughout the day. Connections Team Building & Training brings all the Cowboy Challenges to keep your cowpokes corralin’. Try the bull ride, quick draw, calf roping, horse hops, archery, cow milking, cowpie throw, and many more wacky western games that test your groups resolve, communication, and ability to work together in “interesting” situations. We also bring the bandanas as team identifiers, the tournament schedules, and very cool branded team agendas. Our Emcee will engage and entertain the crowd ranch hand or sheriff style. Our challenge facilitators will be on site to give the rules, help teams play, and keep scores. We do it all, so you can have fun ropin’ and ridin’. We bring our round up to some of the best ranches and venues in Colorado ask us to help find your location, bring in some great western bbq chow, and the music, etc.