Let’s face it, most of us have considered a secluded, tropical island when choosing a venue for a company activity. Unfortunately, we have to face the reality that sipping cocktails on a beach is unlikely to result in enhanced business skills! So, why not invite your group to take part in a very different kind of island experience? We created Survival Island to be an experience of team building in Colorado like no other. A varied, exciting day of competition, camaraderie, and communication. It might not give your organization the tropical vistas they crave, but they’ll build memories they won’t forget in a hurry!

This is an immersive, head-to-head experience, with your group acting as castaways, who will be split into their competing tribes as soon as the event begins. They’ll choose a tribe leader, who will then take delivery of their “tree mail”, which includes the tribe banner, and the agenda for the day. They’ll bond as they individualize their tribe; creating a name for themselves, and taking possession of their colored tribal “buff” — the bandana that is symbolic of their connection to their tribe. Then they’ll combine fun and creativity by working together to create a unique chant to perform in front of the tribal council.

Throughout the event, your tribal castaways will engage in a variety of competitive activities that test and build a range of skills from hand-eye coordination to agility. Some they’ll find physically challenging, others will test their mental acuity and general knowledge. They’ll strengthen their trust in one another, and tap into their resourcefulness to complete tasks with limited materials. Perhaps above all else they’ll gain a deeper understanding of how their individual talents can be forged with those of their tribal brothers and sisters to benefit the team.

The main Reward Challenges include:

  • River Rafters
  • Catch of the Day
  • Blind Leading the Blind
  • Tribal Stompede
  • Target Shoot
  • Castaway Course
  • Corks & Keys
  • Wicker Flicker
  • Go Fish
  • Coconut Maze Race

There are also Immunity Challenges, which give the tribes opportunities to gain extra points:

  • Tan-Dy-Gram
  • Auction Memory
  • Island Trivia
  • Flag Designation
  • Word Warrior

At Connections Team Building and Training we also understand that each organization has individual needs. Like the majority of our events, this activity is designed to be flexible. We’ll first engage with you to understand what your organization’s goals are, and talk about how we can customize the event to suit your needs. If you want the trivia section to test aspects of company knowledge, we can make that happen. Does your team building event need to take place in a specific venue in Aurora, Denver Metro, or Golden? We’ll work with you to make that practical.

By the end of your group’s experience working together as part of a tribe, they’ll have bolstered their talents and strengthened connections in a way that can not only help them survive, but thrive.