Someone’s in the Kitchen

Cooking has long been considered a positive chance to bring people together — families, businesses, and communities alike. It is an artform that combines creative thought, scientific process, and practical skills to create delicious results. Working with others to create tasty dishes strengthens our bonds, and is a lot of fun besides! Which is why we’ve designed a Colorado team building experience that brings groups together to discover how cooking can make teams more effective, with the chance to sample some gourmet treats at the end! Someone’s In the Kitchen is a unique event that sees groups guided by a professional chef and their culinary team in order to create a gourmet dining experience. This isn’t your average company pot luck with arguments over who makes the best macaroni and cheese; this is a challenging and rewarding road to fine dining. In order to produce the delicious morsels that they’ll be sharing, each group will need to utilize their communication and organizational skills, learning not just practical cooking tips from the chef, but also more about one another’s personalities and their approach to tasks.

Like the majority of our events, this activity is designed to be flexible. We understand that each organization’s needs are unique, and as such this gourmet team building experience can be adjusted to take place in a variety of spaces, in locations across Colorado; Denver Metro, Aurora, Vail, and others. It is designed to accommodate anywhere up to 60 participants; so, whether yours is a small local business, or a multinational corporation, we are able to bring you a unique culinary team experience.

The right expertise is vital to ensure that not only your team can create excellent food in the kitchen, but forging strong and sustainable team building skills. They need to have fun, but they also need to hone abilities that will benefit your organization, alongside their own personal development. This is why we take the time to understand what your group’s needs are. We’ll consult with you on your ultimate goals for this event, and your larger corporate road map. Together we’ll determine how this experience can best be customized to fit those areas of need. On the day of the event, we’ll coordinate the activities — everything from preparation to clean-up — and provide all the ingredients and guidance your group needs to get the most out of their time together.

Some of the best team building events Colorado has to offer involve an element of competition, and we’ve taken this into account for Someone’s In the Kitchen, too. If preparing a gourmet meal isn’t challenging enough for your groups, we can pit them against one another in a Chili Cook Off, or Bake-Off style competition. At the end of your time in Someone’s in the Kitchen, your group will take away more than a pleasant taste in their mouths. They’ll have formed stronger bonds, bolstered their communication skills, and gained a new understanding of different ways to work together successfully.