Random Acts of Kindness

Building stronger, more effective teams is not just about capitalizing on those hard skills that have practical results, it’s also about engaging empathy, social abilities, and a sense of our responsibilities to the world around us — both in the office, and in our lives beyond. Which is why we’ve created a unique event for team building in Colorado that meets the need to bolster practical abilities, while reinforcing individual and company values. Not to mention the chance to spread happiness in a way that’s a lot of fun!

Random Acts of Kindness is a light-hearted competition that leans into the idea that teams’ resourcefulness and creativity have the ability to bring a smile to someone’s face. At the beginning of the event, your group will be split into teams of 3-5 members, and tasked with the challenge of seeing which team can do the most good using limited resources and a whole lot of creative and empathetic thought. While our expert facilitators will be setting specific challenges, it is down to each team to apply their talents, resourcefulness, and agility to find a way to meet that challenge while having a positive effect on the community.

They’ll form closer bonds while interacting with one another and the public to participate in a series of random acts. They’ll gain a deeper insight into the good even small deed of positivity can bring, as they step outside of their comfort zone to record themselves telling their favorite joke to a stranger, or leave a fiver on a vending machine to treat the next visitor to a snack. Some of the challenges will also find them performing small acts of generosity and joy for their own teammates, supporting the idea that while we must do what we can for the wider community, we must also engender positivity within our own organization.

Each organization we work with has their own unique goals and needs when booking an event. Which is why, like the majority of our activities, we have designed Random Acts of Kindness to be a flexible tool. When you contact Connections Team Building and Training, we’ll discuss what you hope to get out of your time with us. We’ll then customize the content of the event to integrate seamlessly with your existing corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and reflect your organization’s core values.

One of the advantages of Random Acts of Kindness is its ability to work well in almost any location. This event is all about fostering positivity in your community, and whether you want to make a difference by team building in Aurora, Denver Metro, Golden, or beyond, we will work with you to organize opportunities to make a difference to your group members, your organization, and the community you serve.