Show us the blueprint! The game begins in 3, 2, 1! You have a minute to win it – good luck!

Time is of the essence. A looming limit can both put additional pressure on us, and encourage us to be more resourceful. Our Minute to Win It event brings this concept into a uniquely competitive, fun scenario for team building in Colorado. Part game show, part skills training; this is the ultimate in fast-paced, family friendly, collaborative action!

Your group will begin their experience by splitting off into teams. We know how important group identity can be, that the right team building event can help individuals feel closer and more committed to their organization, and form stronger bonds with their colleagues. This is one of the reasons why we like to ensure that each team has accessories and tools that identify them as part of a unique unit, and encourage a sense of belonging. We bring items to help promote their team spirit, including bandanas, and some very cool branded team agendas.

Teams will receive their tournament schedules, and then the games will begin! They’ll compete in 10 levels of crazy games and tasks, all of which must be completed in a minute or less. Some of these, such as “Broomski Ball” and “Junk in the Trunk”, will challenge their resourcefulness and communication skills by providing them with some ordinary household objects that they must improvise with in order to achieve a goal. Others — including “Stack Attack” and “Face the Cookie” will see them using their agility and coordination abilities to overcome missions that are deceptively simple. There will be times where the tasks must be completed with full team participation, and others that are undertaken by individuals while their team boosts their confidence with encouragement!

We bring all the equipment, and expertise in the form of our event facilitators. Our emcee — who will perform in either “Fiery” or “Ohno” style — will help to create an atmosphere of excitement and entertainment, whipping the crowd up into a frenzy and engaging the group. For the full game show experience, we arrange to crank up the fun with a sound system and screen to play music, display game instructions and videos, and project the dreaded Minute to Win It timer!

At Connections Team Building and Training we have a deep understanding of how simple games in the right environment can help organizations achieve their unique training goals. That’s why we begin our relationship with you by discussing your needs, and what you hope to get out of Minute to Win It. Like the majority of our events, we are committed to making this flexible, and are able to craft the experience to fit various types of venues, whether you are team building in Denver Metro, Breckenridge, Golden, or beyond!

You bring the teams, and we’ll bring the fun, expertise, and challenges 60 seconds at a time.