The Colorado landscape is one of the true wonders of our environment, offering groups from across the world to experience incredible opportunities. We consider it a privilege to welcome both local and international groups to engage in team building beyond the Denver Metro limits, and appreciate the wonders of our natural world. For our Jeep 4×4 Scaventure, we’ve crafted an exciting scavenger hunt adventure with an extreme sports and high-tech twist.

You’ll have the chance to go off-road as we send your teams with an expert guide into the backcountry, equipped with a GPS device, camera, and a list of clues & challenges. Together they’ll explore the Colorado wilderness in a four-wheel drive jeep, following hints and completing tasks. Utilizing both their individual talents and group dynamics, they’ll form closer bonds and have the time of their lives problem solving in our natural surroundings.

Any event that takes place in the beautiful wilderness of our state relies upon expertise in order to ensure that all participants have fun while staying safe. We’ll provide all the staff needed to guide and support your crew to achieve a fun and fulfilling team building experience.