The group will be divided into teams. The teams will be given a backpack filled with tools, maps, schedule, and clues including Road Blocks, Fast Forwards, or Detours. They will then have to follow their team’s colored route markers and the clues they find along the way to get to various destinations.


They will encounter tasks and challenges to complete. All the teams will make it to The Pit Stop and compete to not be the team that ends up at Elimination.

  • Climb & Repel
  • Pick A NumberBike Race
  • Slap Shot
  • Pull It
  • Statue Dig
  • Raft the River
  • Bronc Ride
  • Calf Rope
  • Build It
  • Shoot It
  • Drag Race
  • Memory Match
  • Solve It
  • Ride The Slope
  • Surf the Wave
  • Unlock It
  • Joust
  • Bumble Ball
  • Aim It

and many more!