Colorado Extreme Adventure

Experience a team-building adventure Colorado style.

Your teams will participate in all of the best activities Colorado has to offer from all four beautiful seasons. Throughout the fun and memorable challenges, the teams must work together to solve problems. Choose from the symbolic activities of real Colorado adventures below.

  • White Water Rapids
  • Mountain Climb
  • Golden Eagle Rescue
  • Snowboarding Challenge
  • Football Throw
  • Golfing
  • Stock Show Roller Roper
  • Speed Pitch
  • Big Ski’s
  • Bicycle Race
  • Bull Ride

Also available for this adventure are many types of virtual reality and arcade games with a Colorado flair:

  • Golden Tee
  • Air Hockey
  • Off-Road Thunder
  • Big Buck Hunter
  • Arctic Thunder
  • Alpine Racer
  • Alpine Surfer
  • Bass Fishing
  • Rapid River
  • Laser Shot
  • Golf Simulator
  • Wii Games