Classic Scaventure

The type of scavenger hunt your group will all be familiar with, but with a contemporary twist designed for team building in Denver Metro. The group will be divided into teams and provided with a scavenger hunt packet and team bandannas. The packets contain clues, trivia, and a list of objects to collect, landmarks to find, and tasks to complete. The teams will be given a designated time in which they must meet at a specified location, and sent on their way to complete as many tasks in their packet as possible within this time frame. Alongside the traditional collection of objects and answering questions, they’ll need to collect proof of their adventure and engage in a little creativity by taking photographs of the group in the midst of their tasks. 

We provide everything needed for your group to enjoy a fun, enriching hunt. Our staff will be on hand to explain all the rules, send the teams on their way, and act as referees in calculating the results at the end of the event.