Build a Better Mousetrap

When organizations recognize that the challenges they face are varied and often unexpected, it becomes clear that agile solutions are the key to success. An important aspect of this is helping those who work with you to understand how and why circumstances can change, and support them in developing the practical skills and mental flexibility that ensure they’re able to adapt when the unexpected occurs.

That doesn’t mean to say that passing these skills onto your workforce needs to be dull, though! Which is why we’ve taken the time to craft a fun and challenging team building event in Colorado that helps teams to forge closer bonds, improve their communication skills, and explore how companies and the individuals they collaborate with should approach change management.

Our Build a Better Mousetrap event is a unique program influenced by the bestselling motivational business book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. In the book, 4 characters — 2 humans and 2 mice — are in a maze, looking for their cheese (a metaphor for what each of us wants in life). Our event features activities that best reflect and reinforce the lessons that these characters must learn in order to build the skills to handle changes and challenges successfully.

These lessons are called the “Handwriting on the wall”, after the list one of the human characters makes on the wall of the maze when he learns a new nugget of wisdom each day. They include:

  • “Change happens”
  • “Anticipate change”
  • “Monitor change”
  • “Adapt to change quickly”

Our expert facilitators task the groups with completing a project together, providing them with a specific set of parameters and key assigned roles within the group. Then we switch everything up to simulate the effects of unexpected change. They must use their individual talents, group dynamics, and resourcefulness in discovering new ways to successfully adapt.

By the end of the event, your group will have learned how to successfully create the project despite the sudden appearance of new rules, players, and deadlines among other obstacles. Through enriching yet fun activities, we mimic the challenges they’ll face in real life, where at any time — whether during business projects or in their personal lives — the circumstances might change; but they still have to make it work.

As with any Connections Team Building & Training event, we have designed Build a Better Mousetrap to be flexible. Our experience and expertise has helped us to gain a deep understanding of the various unique challenges each organization faces, and as such we’ll work closely with you to provide a customized program. Prior to the event, we’ll discuss what your goals are, and how we can ensure your group gets the most out of their time with us. As with most of our activities, we’re able to adapt it to most venues; whether you’re team building in Denver Metro, Breckenridge, Vail, or beyond, we can make this program work for you.

Change is a reality of our world. We’ll help your organization discover tools and build skills that will ensure they not only cope with the unexpected, but thrive through the challenge.