Some of the most memorable team building events in the Denver Metro area lean into what Colorado does best. When exploring possibilities for our Scaventure experiences, we’re always looking for the fun and fascinating aspects our local areas can offer. Those unique twists for groups to explore as they strengthen their collaborative relationships, and have a lot of fun. Brewventure blends problem solving with the rich brewery culture of Denver Metro.

Teams will need to craft a strategy to finish their assigned tasks and venture to local breweries. Along the way they’ll be challenged to work together, using their individual talents and group dynamics to answer trivia, take photos, solve puzzles, and find specific locations. At each brewery teams will get to try local beers as part of their quest to complete custom challenges. The teams will be given a designated time in which they must meet at the final target location, and must complete as many items assigned by a smartphone app as possible.

We provide everything needed for your group to enjoy a fun, enriching hunt. Our staff will be on hand to explain all the rules, send the teams on their way, and act as referees in calculating the results at the end of the event.