All Sports Scramble

This is the Team Adventure for you if your group is a bunch of FANatics! There is a sport for everyone. We divide your group into teams and they start by coming up with their team name, mascot, uniform colors, & team cheer. They are given their season’s schedule detailing the head to head challenges through various sports-themed games.

  • Golf Putt, Driving Cage or Simulator
  • Soccer Kick or Slap Shot Hockey
  • Makoto or Laser Skeet Shooting
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Slot Cars or Virtual Daytona Racing
  • Speed Pitch or Batting Cage
  • Alpine Racer or Alpine Surfer
  • Human Bowling or Human Foosball
  • Bouncy Boxing or Bull Riding
  • Field Goal, Armchair QB, Bungee Football or Football Toss
  • Pop-A-Shot Basketball, Bungee Basketball or Armchair Hoops
  • Plus many more, you can choose a sport for everyone.