Are you CONFIDENT that your employees feel ENGAGED in their work?

If not, it's time to create an environment that allows employees to realize their highest potential and fully engage with their work.

We’ll be the first to admit that employee disengagement is a complicated issue—one that might, in the end, demand a complicated solution. But to make an impact on employee disengagement, sometimes it’s best to start with simple steps.

World-renowned HR analyst Josh Bersin lays out five basic conditions employees need met to engage with their work fully. In this eBook, we examine those five factors, how PXT Select™ helps companies meet them, and what other organizations are doing to engage their employees and beat the odds right now.

No more playing the guessing game on employee engagement. 

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Drawing on data from 350,000 respondents over three years, Gallup’s 2017 “State of the American Workplace” survey discovered that:

  • 30% of employees are engaged
  • 52% are disengaged
  • 18% are actively disengaged