How to Share Employee Appreciation and Team Bonding in a Post-Pandemic World

It’s safe to say that we’re all tired of being stuck inside. The good news is whether the world is opening back up, and there are ways to reconnect just when the weather is beautiful again.  It is time to get back to the great outdoors! Now more than ever, it’s important for you, as a company, to connect and come together.

Here at Connections Team Building and Training, we’re all about creating a balance when it comes to developing teams. You see, there are two sides to establishing a highly-engaged and motivated team: on one side, there are bonding experiences that allow coworkers to have fun and connect in different ways outside of work; on the other side, there are trainings, workshops, and assessments that provide a deeper understanding and allow coworkers to see each other’s strengths and learn each other’s behaviors and priorities on a respectable level.  

We all could use a little more fun in our lives right now… so how, you ask? 

Remember the good ole days when you used to do scavenger hunts? We are all still kids at heart.  It is time to get your corporate office onboard with having some fun! You’ll be surprised how well these events go over! Whether your team is on board from the get-go or they’re a little iffy about showing excitement or interest, it’s only a matter of time that they break loose and get into it. 

A Smartphone Scavenger Hunt Success Story

Last month, we were hired for a team building event with 110 people divided into 20 teams. Each team got color bandanas and a team name.  Our emcee walked through how to download our Scavenger Hunt App on each team captain’s phone. The app then led them through different, fun challenges throughout an incredible venue, Flying W Ranch. 

The teams experienced a train ride, yoga posing at a beautiful waterway on the property, climbing atop Christmas Rock, custom company trivia, and lots of team photos with some cute farm animals. After the hunt, all the teams came back to the lodge for snacks while points were rounded up and teams were rewarded for their efforts. To continue the celebration, they all drove back to Broadmoor for a company dinner. Now, that’s what you call a successful corporate event! 

Be the Next One to Host an Epic Company Scavenger Hunt 

These scavenger hunts can be done at practically any location but we are happy to give you suggestions as to where they’ve been a major success in the past! I don’t know how many times we’ve hosted this type of event; we can incorporate jeeps in the summer, snowmobiles in the winter, and even have something like a “BrewVenture” where you get your team to tour the great breweries of Denver! The possibilities are endless and truly FUN! 

These programs are great for corporate teams and also great fundraising efforts for nonprofit organizations looking to do something a little different from the traditional Fun Run or Golf Tournament. 

To learn more about our scavenger hunt events, click here

Venue Spotlight: About Flying W 

Not only did we just have a very successful event at this venue, but we were so glad to give this resilient space the business it deserves! Since 2012, Flying W has been closed after the third-generation business burned to the ground. After making huge improvements to their property and working their way back to a position to reopen, COVID-19 happened, delaying their ability to share their space with customers. 

Finally, Flying W had its grand re-opening on May 8, 2021. We were honored to plan a corporate team scavenger hunt throughout the property with over 100 people attending. At Connections Team Building and Training, we make it our mission to not only develop balanced and engaged teams but also to support our community. If you ever need suggestions on your event, we are here to help! 

Learn more about Flying W for your next event here.