How To Celebrate the Holidays While Team Building

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s not only a great time to celebrate your organization’s successes, but also bring your employees closer together. Incorporating team building into your fun holiday activities creates relationships that will last far beyond this season. Our Minute to Win It Championship and holiday-themed scavenger hunts are just two of the many activities you can plan with Connections Team Building & Training that are sure to be a success. 

Play a Game of Minute to Win It

Our unique Minute to Win It concept involves competitive fun and team building. It’s part game-show, part skills-training, and an exciting event that everyone is sure to love!

We break your staff into teams that will help create strong bonds beyond people who might otherwise not work together. Some games will help build communication skills, while others involve coordination and agility. The looming timer for each activity will put the pressure on for even more excitement and opportunity for teams to work fast and encourage one another.

We bring all the equipment including a sound system, a screen for music, game instructions and videos, and (of course) the timer. In addition, our emcees/event facilitators are sure to bring the ultimate excitement to the event that will leave everyone engaged and ready for more.

Host an Epic Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to get your staff into teams that will work together to win prizes! They can also be a fun activity to incorporate into your traditional holiday party for a unique spin to the typical wining and dining. Hosting a hunt may seem a little juvenile but we can testify — these events are always a MAJOR hit, no matter what audience we work with! Sometimes, a little play is all you need to loosen up a big crowd. 

So, here’s how it works. First, you can make a list of holiday items for each team to find, like candy canes, old Christmas cards, candles, holiday shopping coupons, and more. Feel free to think of items that are most likely already around the office or not too expensive to pick up quickly! Setting a timer will add another layer of competitiveness to the game as well. 🤩 The team that finds the most items wins! Easy peasy fun, if you ask us! 

Make Your Holiday Parties Count – Get Connected

Along with these activities, there are many ways to incorporate team building into your favorite annual holiday traditions at your organization. Not only will your staff be brought together with the holiday spirit but they’ll also feel appreciated and recognized within the organization as a whole while having the chance to further get to know their colleagues.

If you need some help or inspiration on getting your team’s connected, just reach out to us! It’s kind of what we do. Click here to learn more about how we can help.