How a Conference Scavenger Hunt Can Help Keep Attendees Engaged

It’s no small feat to keep adults entertained — one might say it’s even harder than keeping an energetic toddler preoccupied. The reason being, adults can actually realize how much time has passed, have a million and one other things on their mind at almost all times, and are wired with a short attention span due to the instant-everything world we live in. 

So, how do you keep your attendees engaged during a conference? Well, leaning on those old-time games you used to play as a kid may just do the trick. After all, do we ever really grow up? Continue reading to learn more about how hosting a Conference Scavenger Hunt may be just the thing you need to keep your audience engaged and eager to come back for more. 

Conference Scavenger Hunt

What is a Conference Scavenger Hunt? 

It’s exactly what the name suggests — a scavenger hunt experience during a conference event! Providing team building activities allows for each participant at your conference to stay involved, network further, and (the obvious one) stay awake. 

We’re not trying to say that your speakers are boring but not everyone has the same interests and it’s inevitable that different parts of every conference will disengage groups of people. And, unfortunately, once you lose someone, it’s hard to get them back. Cue: A Conference Scavenger Hunt. 

How does it work? 

To participate, attendees will break into teams or groups, and compete in different challenges using their handy-dandy cellphone. 

Yep. It’s an app-guided scavenger hunt making it so easy to explain and streamline, even with large audiences. Once teams are built out, the app will give them a challenge to complete and once it’s solved, that team will get a point. The team with the most points, (you guessed it), wins. 

Where do you play? 

This is where it can get interesting and customized to your circumstance. Connections Team Building and Training will provide all the supplies and support you need to make this the most epic hunt yet. 

We’ve put on hundreds of hunts that offer routes around the tradeshow area, in or outside the conference center or outside in the local area. It really depends on what type of experience you want to give your attendees and how involved in your surroundings you want to get. Trust us… this can be an even bigger value point than just keeping your audience engaged.

How can a Conference Scavenger Hunt benefit my brand, the conference, and our attendees? 

We’re so glad you asked! Because there is definitely not just one benefit to throwing this childhood favorite experience at your next conference. Here are some ways a conference scavenger hunt could benefit you. 

  • The obvious benefit: It keeps people engaged.
    Adults need breaks, too and I’m not just talking about grabbing lunch or a take-15 to hit the bathrooms. Give your audience a chance to relax and have fun! You’d be surprised how much better they’re able to retain from this. 
  • It gives you a chance to reinforce certain topics of the conference.
    This is a competition after all, isn’t it? You can make your scavenger hunt relevant to what’s being discussed during the conference. This is a great way to get people talking about what’s been discussed and ultimately “studying” up on what’s been learned. You’re jogging their memory without them even realizing it. (Win, win!) We need to be told things in different ways to make it stick. Conferences are a great way to further one’s growth and development but there is A LOT of information being covered! By integrating a scavenger hunt, you can reinforce certain parts of the conference in a fun way that will remain more memorable than the same old speaking/video session. 
  • It can help drive traffic and awareness to certain parts of your conference.
    Think of it this way — if there’s one area on the tradeshow floor that isn’t getting much attention or there’s something new that you want to bring more attention to, you could set up a task or challenge in that location or with that product. This subconsciously does the “marketing” or brand awareness for you.
  • It allows people to connect and network further.
    This is a team building exercise and some people aren’t naturally keen at walking up to new people but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. A scavenger hunt will help break the ice (especially for the introverts who want to take away more than they normally do but have that shyness holding them back).
  • It could literally be another stream of revenue towards your conference.
    Say whaaat?! Yes. You could have sponsors or exhibitors pay to be one of your “stops” using the hunt. That’s gold in itself. 
  • It can better market your efforts and boost brand recognition.
    Use the hunt as a content marketing tool! Have attendees complete challenges that involve sharing to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. This could easily promote next year’s event by turning new heads and overall, create general buzz online which can result in new leads, increased following, and much more.
  • Last but not least, it encourages connection and lightens the load.
    At the end of the day, we’re all human and we all could use some more fun in our lives. Your attendees are giving their time to be at your conference — you may be providing an abundant amount of valuable information but that doesn’t mean you should skimp out on developing a full-quality experience and a little fun along the way.

Check out our Availability for Helping Host your Next Team Building Scavenger Hunt  

It’s hard enough getting hundreds of people in one room — don’t make the mistake of losing their interest once they are there. Speech after speech is no way to keep your audience engaged and excited to come back for more. Explore your options for an app-guided scavenger hunt and let Connections Team Building and Training iron out the rest. Click here to learn more.