Five Great Ways to Build a Team While Giving to Charity

‘Tis the season for serving those around you…and it might be time for a team-building activity to help your employees come together and form stronger relationships. Why not mix the two together to create a charitable team-building program? Connecting with your colleagues while giving back is undoubtedly a win-win.

Developing opportunities for your teams to serve together is a great way to bolster bonds and encourage more substantial connections. Whether your team is new or has been working together for years, this type of activity can be massively beneficial not only to team members themselves but also to the greater good.

At Connections Team Building, we have a variety of service opportunities to offer. Each one can be designed to fit your group’s needs and budget so that you create a positive experience for your employees while giving back.

Here are some of our favorite charitable team building options!

1. Homeless Care Packages

While there’s often a draw to help those who are down on their luck, it can be hard to know exactly how to support them. Building care packages for the unhoused population is a great way to serve individuals in your own community. We add some challenges and puzzles to the process to get your team working together as they assemble packages!

2. Toy Workshops

During our Toy Workshops, your team will learn about effective communication skills while making contributions to local children’s charities by way of building some toys.

3. Birthday Memories

Every child deserves to celebrate their birthday. For this service activity, we work with A Precious Child to build special celebration boxes. This service opportunity also includes challenges for each team to work through as they put together packages filled with party decorations and birthday presents for children who might otherwise not get to celebrate their big day.

4. Military Care Packages

This opportunity is a great way to thank those serving our country. Teams work together to solve challenges and compile custom packages to be sent to military stations around the world.

5. Bikes for Kids

This service opportunity taps into your teams’ ability to work together on a difficult task. In order to receive essential bike-building tools, teams will need to complete specific challenges. Once they get their tools, they will work together to construct bikes for kids. Assembled bikes go to underprivileged 4th grade students with our goal being that every child in Colorado learns and loves to ride a bike.

Still on the hunt for the perfect service opportunity for your team-building experience?

We offer other great service activities that lend themselves to a variety of interests – you can check them out here.  Start planning your team’s charity team building event today! We can’t wait to see what good you do.