Bridging the Gap

Even in industries that have little or no connection to STEM fields, the skills utilized in engineering tasks can help to strengthen any team. The technical aspects are enhanced by soft skills such as problem solving, communication, interpersonal interactions, and the ability to work under pressure. Connections Team Building & Training has developed our Bridging the Gap event as a blend of fun and creativity that helps to foster these skills in teams.

This is an opportunity for your members to experience a little of the exciting world of being engineers. Using fun trivia and crazy challenges, the teams will earn all the needed materials and plans to build a bridge. They’ll learn that by actively listening and communicating effectively they will gain vital details that will be a benefit once the building aspect begins.

Each team plays the role of an engineering firm vying for the ultimate contract to build the next world-renowned bridge. Their potential clients will be the suppliers of important information and the final judges. The team’s bridge mock-up must be creative, offering a unique design perspective, but also have the ability to withstand the specialized Connections Team Building & Training Crush-o-Meter. They’ll learn from the failures, celebrate their successes, and build stronger connections with one another.