Event Goal: Resourcefulness/Agility

Global Solar Giving

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a salient feature in business today. Organizations like yours are understanding their responsibilities to both their local environment, as well as their role in the global picture. Sustainable practices can certainly be implemented as part of day-to-day company activities, but it’s also important to provide team members with an insight into the company’s sustainable activities can impact individuals in cultures very different from their own. 

We’ve created an opportunity for team building in Denver Metro that truly allows your company to change the lives of others. As the world’s population increases and nonrenewable sources of energy for cooking dwindle (e.g., firewood in Asia and Africa) or seriously damage the ozone layer (e.g., fossil fuels), the need to adopt clean, renewable energy sources and devices that utilize these sources grows ever more critical. One important tool that helps address these issues is the use of Solar ovens. 

We begin by working with you to tailor your event to fall in line with your Corporate Social Responsibility policies. During the event, each of your company’s teams will work together to complete problem solving challenges in order to win the supplies they need to construct a solar oven. After following instructions and utilizing technical skills to complete their device, they’ll use an oven at the end of the event to bake cookies for one another as a special treat. Connections Team Building & Training then sends the ovens to third world countries, where being able to boil water can be the difference between life & death.

Par for the Course

Golf has long represented an opportunity for business people to make valuable connections, build relationships with other leaders in the field, and share ideas while taking in the fresh air and ruining a perfectly good walk. However, we figured that team building events in Denver could switch up this tradition in a way that amps up the fun factor while encouraging groups to lean into their problem solving, technical, and creative skills.

Our Par for the Course events are ideal for larger groups, which will be divided into 9 or 18 teams. Each team will then be provided with all the necessary equipment to design and construct their own fun and challenging putt-putt golf hole. This is also an opportunity to see first hand how each set of personalities approaches the artistic and engineering aspects of their hole; will they lean into crazy fun, or are they attempting to make the most difficult obstacles they can imagine?

We bring all the supplies for the holes to the venue. However, in order to create a truly fun and authentic experience, we also provide a general store, staff facilitators, and an entertaining ‘Golf Pro’ emcee.

Conservation Rangers

Creating new and exciting team building events in Colorado provides the opportunity to combine fun and challenge with an insight into the environment that surrounds us. Colorado’s natural landscapes are a valuable and vulnerable resource, and we each have a responsibility to ensure they are protected for generations to come. The Conservation Rangers event gives teams a chance to use their individual talents and team dynamics to simulate playing a key role in its preservation. 

The scenario informs groups that the Colorado National Forest and Plains have been scheduled to be turned into a trailer park, due to a government snafu. In order to get the land transferred back to the park service, the government has agreed to a plan in which the Rangers must prove their competence. Your group represents the Rangers, and will be split into teams to participate in wacky, challenging tasks to determine who will be in charge of the conservation effort. 

We have built the Colorado Rangers scenario to be tailorable to your organization’s needs, what you hope participants to get out of the experience, and suitability for the choice of environment in which the event will take place. The selection of challenges to choose from includes: 

River Raft Race
Web of Rangers
Campfire Song & Dance
Pine Cone Catapult
Seed Delivery System
Eagle Egg Safety
Word Warrior
Wildlife Vision Capture
Artifact Assembly
Wildlife Memory
Ranger Coat of Arms
Camper Construction Race

Colorado Extreme Adventure

There are times when you want to take team building in Denver Metro beyond the norm, to venture outside the urban limits. We are fortunate in Colorado to have access to an incredible variety of environments, each with potential for exploration and adventure throughout all four beautiful seasons. Connections Team Building and Training Colorado Extreme Adventures have been expertly designed to allow your group to safely explore outside of their comfort zone, and participate in a range of fun and memorable challenges.

Our adventures are incredible opportunities for the teams to work together to solve problems, to encourage one another to experience something a little different, and enhance their individual and group confidence. This outdoor program pushes all participants a little further than they may have thought possible, and provides team members to learn more about themselves, and one another.

These team building experiences are tailorable to your needs, and there is the opportunity to choose from a selection of activities which are symbolic of real Colorado adventures, including:

White Water Rapids
Mountain Climb
Golden Eagle Rescue
Snowboarding Challenge
Football Throw
Stock Show Roller Roper
Speed Pitch
Big Ski’s
Bicycle Race
Bull Ride

Also available for this adventure are many types of virtual reality and arcade games which offer a Colorado flair:

Golden Tee
Air Hockey
Off Road Thunder
Big Buck Hunter
Arctic Thunder
Alpine Racer
Alpine Surfer
Bass Fishing
Rapid River
Laser Shot
Golf Simulator
Wii Games

Catapult Chaos

So you think you can construct a catapult that can out launch all others? Not so fast Mr. Engineer!

We’ve crafted an awesome construction event that has a dynamic and theatrical climax that your group will love! Your teams will get to dive into this combination of hands-on and cerebral challenges, testing their ability to problem solve as a team in order to create the most effective large-scale slingshot device! Catapult Chaos turns outdoor team building in Denver Metro — Boulder, Aurora, Golden and beyond — into an opportunity to push your group’s competitive and collaborative abilities in a way that embraces the extremes of fun.

With an ample supply of wood, sticks, hinges, wheels, pins, nails, screws, glue and tools the teams will compete to build a working catapult. Each teams’ score is based on creativity, function, aesthetics, and of course how far, fast, and accurately it launches various objects. But the road to victory isn’t quite that simple! Teams will have to compete in challenges to earn their materials before they can get into the creative aspects of constructing their machine. This competition will challenge each team’s planning, engineering, inventory management and teamwork skills.

Build a Better Mousetrap

Organizations face a wide variety of challenges; some predictable, others entirely unexpected. Success in business can often rely upon our employees’ ability to understand the challenges they face and effectively adapt to those events which catch them off-guard, with each understanding their role in the team when this occurs. We’ve taken the time to craft a unique team building event for companies in Denver Metro that explores their abilities in the face of change management.

This team program is based on the best selling book “Who Moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. In the book, 4 characters in a maze are looking for their cheese (a metaphor for what each of us wants in life), our event focuses on the lessons these characters must learn:

The “Handwriting is on the wall”
“Change happens”
“Anticipate change”
“Monitor change”
“Adapt to change quickly”

We ask groups to work on a specific challenge project together with a specific set of parameters and key assigned roles within the group. Then we “change” everything and see how teams react. They must work together to successfully adapt, and create the project despite the new rules, players, deadlines, etc. This mimics the challenges they’ll face in real life, where at any time during their projects the team members, parameters and deadlines might change, but they still have to make it work together.

Bridging the Gap

Even in industries that have little or no connection to STEM fields, the skills utilized in engineering tasks can help to strengthen any team. The technical aspects are enhanced by soft skills such as problem solving, communication, interpersonal interactions, and the ability to work under pressure. Connections Team Building & Training has developed our Bridging the Gap event as a blend of fun and creativity that helps to foster these skills in teams.

This is an opportunity for your members to experience a little of the exciting world of being engineers. Using fun trivia and crazy challenges, the teams will earn all the needed materials and plans to build a bridge. They’ll learn that by actively listening and communicating effectively they will gain vital details that will be a benefit once the building aspect begins.

Each team plays the role of an engineering firm vying for the ultimate contract to build the next world-renowned bridge. Their potential clients will be the suppliers of important information and the final judges. The team’s bridge mock-up must be creative, offering a unique design perspective, but also have the ability to withstand the specialized Connections Team Building & Training Crush-o-Meter. They’ll learn from the failures, celebrate their successes, and build stronger connections with one another.

Blizzard Bowl

We incorporate the best winter FUN into some real team bonding in the brrrrr cold.