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Running an organization, small business or a team is not easy.  You are trying to keep multiple plates spinning at one time, the stress comes when you need to focus on spinning a couple of plates more than the others and while doing so the others begin to wobble.  It feels like they may all come crashing down.  We hear leaders talk about their biggest concern and the area they spend the most time is in managing people.  You need tools for managing the people, processes, data, not to mention dealing with issues, and having time to create your vision.  On top of all that you want to create an intentional culture rather than a culture created by accident.  We feel your pain.  We have been there, we have run the treadmill of being an owner and leader in a small business.  We live it not just teach it…

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Enriching Team Experiences

Dawn Abbott

Dawn Abbott began this work for 2 reasons her passion and her experiences.  What makes Dawn a little different as a certified trainer/facilitator starts with the experience of starting her first business at age 21.  She began with an idea and a desire to create a better life as a young mother, her and her husband started Fun Productions out of their home.  This company has grown to multi-million dollar small business with 20+ employees in a 15,000 square foot headquarters.  Throughout that business journey there were many stumbling blocks and challenges overcome. 

It is too hard, this business might kill me

The business grew through unbelievably hard work that sometimes included 35+ hour shifts and 100+ hour weeks working physically unloading & loading trucks, setting up equipment, and working events, plus mentally doing the planning, selling and administration of a small business.  One night after one such shift, Dawn lay on the bathroom floor and sobbed. She was exhausted, hungry & filthy.  She realized something had to give, she could not take working that hard any longer.  

Work smarter not harder with the right tools

This was her motivation for figuring out how to run a company the smart way, not the hard way.  She educated herself through every business book, seminar, mastermind group and any mentor that could be found. She put all the strategic habits and tactical processes to run a successful business that into practice.  However, after trying so many things finding EOS Traction changed everything, it gave the company a toolbox for all of the tactical processes in the business. It created a cohesive purpose and an aligned team. 

Life teaches us valuable lessons

Even with all the tools of strategy & tactics because of fear, control & ego Dawn says she continued to insert herself in every process and be the final step in every decision.   Then in 2012, the couple who had remained a strong family & business partnership had 2 sons that were 18 & 21 years old and found out they were expecting another child, and that was not the plan.  An empty nest and refocusing on strategic business growth were the plans, not starting over raising another baby.  Then in May of 2013 their daughter was born.  In August of 2013 with their 19 & 21 year old sons and their 3 month old daughter they went on vacation. During that trip Dawn lost her husband/best friend/business partner of 25 years in a tragic boating accident.  This trauma of losing Tim Abbott took Dawn on the journey to find her passions.

Put the right things first

Through self-discovery Dawn realized that knowing and understanding yourself, your strengths, your natural abilities, and passions was incredibly powerful.  She wanted everyone in her business to get to know all of this about themselves as well.  For 2 years Dawn let go of all the day to day operations and made her only focus in the company being Vision, Culture Creation and building a Cohesive Team. What happened was Fun Productions was a better place to be, people were happy and engaged, and it was more fun to be at work.  Dawn also realized how little she was needed in the day to day, everything was handled and she did not have to make all the decisions any longer. 

The proof is in the data

The most notable transformation was in the data, numbers don’t lie.  In 2 years gross revenue increased by 28% (Thanks to a great economy – they intentionally did not try to increase revenue through marketing and sales efforts).  The expenses for payroll, employee benefits & training increased by 65%.  Here is the BIG ONE; the bottom-line net profit increased by 300%.  When people were invested in wanting to be part of something and win together – they do!

We can help you with the tactics AND the mindset to create the business of your dreams

Eureka!  Dawn realized her passion was doing what she just did and wanted to do it for other organizations.  She went about getting certifications in DiSC, Five Behaviors of Cohesive Team, EOS, all of the tools she used in the transformation of her small business.  She now focused all her energy in bringing a proven process of culture creation into small and large organizations alike.