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Each member of the team is sent an access code to take an online assessment in their own time with a deadline.  Connections creates and prints full-color 20+ page profile reports from the data and delivers them at the live workshop or produces PDFs for a virtual format.  These profile reports are utilized throughout the workshop with the activities, videos, and discussions during our time together.  Each participant will have online access to their reports as well as comparison reports with other team members for their entire tenure with the organization.

There are many personality assessments in the market today.  Many are valuable tools for personal development and self-awareness.  The reason DiSC is so powerful within a workplace is the assessment is measuring a person’s priorities.  That is what is always present in a person’s sub-conscience as the most important driver of their behavior, what it is they prioritize will inform their decisions, interactions, communication styles, and their general needs & beliefs.  All of that data is very complex and the reason DiSC is so powerful is that it takes that complexity and simplifies it.  The second reason it is our chosen tool is that 4 basic styles each with a general list of priorities & attributes associated with them is memorable.  I can easily remember my style and what that means to me while also easily remembering the general description of the other 3 styles, then a step further I can remember the styles of most of my coworkers.  This simple to remember piece is valuable in being able to adjust my behaviors to build a bridge in my interactions with the team.  Thirdly, DiSC does not allow anyone an excuse or the ability to pigeonhole others in behaving a certain way due to their style.  The Cornerstone Principles state that our style is only a piece of us, that we all have the ability to move between styles, develop not only our understanding of others but ourselves as well.

We are happy to come to your organization’s conference room or we can find you an offsite venue or conference space.  We do need a screen and projector or video monitor and sound capabilities.  We also suggest a meal just before, during a break or following the workshop.  This is an opportunity for the team to really work on some bonding and team cohesion behaviors outside of their day to day work and breaking bread during that process can help cement these newly formed bonds.

While the workshops are structured and based on huge amounts of scientific research and data, we do make the activities and interactive experiences light hearted and fun.  We will be doing things that require some thought and introspection as well as provide ROI for a team, so they must not be all fun and games, but must also have some heavy lifting involved.  We also suggest one of the best ways to really make an impact with your efforts is by following up the workshop with one of our fun team bonding game day experiences, so your folks get the best of both worlds.

Absolutely not.  However, our facilitator loves getting deeper and is absolutely open to adding some more touchy & feely if that is the culture of your group.  We ask participants to take a good look at themselves and make a decision to realize that they may not be perfect.  We ask them to share with as much vulnerability that are ready for, but never require them to share more than they are comfortable with.  We also ask people to live by a rule “What if no one is doing it wrong?”  We also know that the best way to begin building a team is through trust and if a team cannot start understanding and learning more about each other, than trusting each other will be a difficult first step.  Many of our workshops can be tailored to large groups or the entire organization so that do not have to get into the sharing as much, but will get to share in small groups as well as looking at themselves without having to share what they see.  Even this format has a vast difference on the team culture within an organization.

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