Culture Consulting

Enriching Team Culture

What is Culture Consulting?

At Connections we look at the pain points of an organization and we see these as opportunities to create transformation.  As business coaches and consultants our facilitators look at where in the organization the struggles exist and what we find is several key issues, all of which can begin to be solved through an intentional strategy of cultural alignment.

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How We Can Help

Culture Consulting Addresses Key Issues

Lack of vision & alignment

the leaders are not clear on their vision, or they have not shared it to get everyone on the same page.

Lack of value alignment

We often see organizations with an obscure list of words to describe who they are (or more likely who they wish they were) because they heard they are supposed to have core values.  No one withing the organization remembers the list, let alone understands how they are supposed to behave to be in alignment with these “words”.

Lack of safety

Too often team members are protecting themselves and their own backs because the organization has not created a circle of safety.  There is so much politicking, back-stabbing, and fear of job loss that teams spend more time protecting themselves than they do beating the competition.

Lack of Processes

So often businesses do things because that is how they always have done them.  There is no longer systems in place to measure effectiveness or needs.

Lack of People who are engaged and care

In most workplaces people are trading time for money and waiting for the weekend. They do not know why they matter, what the company does that matters or have any real desire to have collective wins.

Lack of cohesion

Teams are rarely teams, they are often a group of people who have individual goals and do their best to keep the peace by not getting to emotionally involved.

So when we say culture consulting, we look at the whole picture.  We have a huge toolbox of tried and true tools that we bring to the table to make a difference where it counts for each individual organization based on their specific needs.  We look at where the issues are and we go about getting the house on a solid foundation both from a tactical organizational standpoint as well as a “people” and culture standpoint.  Our consultants dig in and find out where the needs are.  Does the organization need help with vision?  Does it need help hiring and building a team of aligned talent?  Does the team need tools and tactical processes to grow the organization effectively?  Is there a need for commitment to priorities and accountability?  Is there a need for engagement & empowerment?

Get in touch with us to discover how Connections Team Building & Training can help you make a lasting, fun impact on your organization and your community.