Start your new year off right with a day of building a cohesive team

Are you ready to create cohesion In your organization? With the help of Connections Team Building and Training, you can start the year off right by doing that “create culture & team” goal that has been on your “projects” list for way too long.

The new trend in company team building is a full day of team building with two parts. Start the day off with an in-depth, deep-dive team building workshop and then, plan a fun bonding activity for the afternoon.

By taking online assessments and using those for a professional DiSC workshop, your team will understand their individual work style and priorities, understand the priorities and styles of their coworkers, and then, bridge the gap to be more effective. This three to four-hour interactive workshop will help to create a cohesive workplace. Afterward, your team will still be able to access their results on your company’s own learning portal and view teammates’ profiles, create comparison reports, and keep the learning alive.

After this eye opening learning experience, everyone is sure to need a break to unwind and chat about their results. A lunch break is the perfect atmosphere for this friendly chatter amongst everyone. We can bring lunch in or your team can leave for a change of pace.

A fun way to rejuvenate the team, and end the day on a high note, is with an exciting team bonding activity. From Smartphone Scavenger hunts, survival games, or a sports scramble, we’ll plan a fun bonding experience that will bring everyone together through fun and games. Another great option is a Corporate Field Day or Recess. We’ve revamped your favorite school subject to work for adults. You can compete in a variety of race games that will bring you closer together and test your dynamics — all while having a load of FUN!

Whether it’s the DiSC workplace test tool or an outdoor bonding experience, you’ll all have fun and not even realize how much closer you’re growing together! Learn more about how we can help here.