SWOT Party

I am planning a SWOT party and want to share the idea with all of you.  Do you want to do something new?  Are you considering a new business, new job, starting a family, moving, writing a book, creating a new policy at work, starting a non-profit, planning a special event?  And are you ready …

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Sweet Ways to Engage Savory Clients

After 30 years in this very customer-service focused career, I’ve had numerous difficult situations arise. Through a multitude of professional and personal experiences, I have stumbled upon a passion for researching how to appreciate uniqueness in humans, understand authentic relationships and create community and teams that thrive. This interest has led me to get certifications …

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It’s Time to Stop Confusing Perks for Culture

Dog-friendly workspaces. Flexible PTO. Shoe-optional dress code. Free beer on Fridays. The idea of company culture has become almost synonymous with this idea of a very modern workplace—think less law firm, more Google. But culture isn’t about standing desks and catered lunches (although, free food is never a bad idea). According to Melissa Daimler, “there are three elements to …

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