Are you a Do Good Company?

We want you!!! We love working with teams who want to do well by doing good! How great would it be if you could harness the power of team building in your company while being socially responsible? Check out our charity programs that include; 

Helping Kids 
  • Building toys or stuffed animals for kids in hospitals
  • Building bikes for kids in need 
  • Creating backpacks with school supplies 
Helping impoverished communities

Solar Ovens Beehives 

Disabled communities 
  • Build Wheelchairs 
  • Deliver groceries or supplies 
  • Send US military care packages 
  • Community clean ups 
  • Food Bank 

Or let us custom design a program that works within your charity or corporate social responsibility objectives. The cool thing is we add all kinds of challenges that work with your group on communication, bonding, conflict resolution, accountability, etc. while you build, make, or compile the above products that make a big impact on our world.