Adventure Category: Indoor Team Building

Escape The Boardroom

Flee boredom with puzzling races delivered and captured via mobile phone. Using a smartphone and items found in a mystery box, teams will try to make their way through a maze of sequential challenges before the clock runs out. Challenges will require brain power, teamwork, creativity. Teams can use hints to help navigate through the game but must be careful not to waste too many points, as scoring points will give them the best chance at winning. When teams submit photo and video challenges, they will be sent directly to our spy judges at HQ who will review and score them based on accuracy and creativity, making quality of utmost importance. Teams will work together through 5 different paths of challenges ranging from puzzles, trivia, team video challenges, QR codes and photos. You can select a game that comes with ‘mystery boxes’ or a game that is run completely off of our App. Based on your location, theme and budget we’ll provide you with a variety of optional customizations and services. Looking for something to do at your next meeting, conference, or sales trip? This is it.

Visions and Values Sculpture

This is a collaborative activity where the artistic and creative abilities of your group will be encouraged to flourish!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Introducing a new product or service in your business can be a genuinely exciting experience. This is a sign of company growth, of the leadership’s confidence in employees’ abilities to create, and a testament to the hard work and dedication of all those who have contributed. However, in order to make it a success, it’s important for all employees to gain a thorough working knowledge of the product, and the impact it can have. Connections Team Building & Training’s Lights, Camera, Action! brings a fun, creative team building activity into the mix.

We bring the cameras, props, costumes, production staff, and a ‘director’ emcee to the location of your choice. Your teams will utilize their communication and creative skills to script, perform, and film a movie trailer for your organization. They will use their in-depth knowledge of your chosen products or services to create a clear, concise communication of the product’s key advantages, and the values your business represents.

This isn’t just a standard, dull advertisement production, either. Your teams will have the opportunity to have fun by adding some drama to your company culture. Perhaps they’ll find a comedic angle to bring some laughs to your sales spiel. They may even find themselves creating the ultimate end-of-the-world scenario that can only be thwarted by your company. The entire group will have a great time producing their masterpieces, and viewing all the finished products.

Someone’s in the Kitchen

Anybody who has spent time creating a meal with others knows that communication and organization is key to making it work, and to make the results delicious! We’ve crafted a unique and fun team building event that takes place in the kitchen. You and your team will get the opportunity to bond while you create a gourmet dinner, guided by a professional chef and their culinary team. 

Gourmet meal planning and execution explores teams’ ability to communicate effectively, follow detailed instructions, and apply their technical and creative skills to produce tasty treats. We provide the expertise, and handle the dreaded preparation and clear up, so that your teams can focus on their roles as part of a successful unit. Together, your team will produce delicious appetizers, entrees, and desserts. 

We’ve also incorporated scope for this type of event to be tailored to your team’s requirements. It can be produced for anywhere up to 60 members at a time, and can fit a variety of dietary needs so that all team members can enjoy the fruits of their labor afterwards. For an extra fun or competitive edge, we can even arrange for your company to take on a Chili cook-off or Bake Off experience.  

Build a Better Mousetrap

Organizations face a wide variety of challenges; some predictable, others entirely unexpected. Success in business can often rely upon our employees’ ability to understand the challenges they face and effectively adapt to those events which catch them off-guard, with each understanding their role in the team when this occurs. We’ve taken the time to craft a unique team building event for companies in Denver Metro that explores their abilities in the face of change management.

This team program is based on the best selling book “Who Moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. In the book, 4 characters in a maze are looking for their cheese (a metaphor for what each of us wants in life), our event focuses on the lessons these characters must learn:

The “Handwriting is on the wall”
“Change happens”
“Anticipate change”
“Monitor change”
“Adapt to change quickly”

We ask groups to work on a specific challenge project together with a specific set of parameters and key assigned roles within the group. Then we “change” everything and see how teams react. They must work together to successfully adapt, and create the project despite the new rules, players, deadlines, etc. This mimics the challenges they’ll face in real life, where at any time during their projects the team members, parameters and deadlines might change, but they still have to make it work together.

Ad Biz

Great Team Adventure choice for testing your organization’s knowledge or to reinforce training on a new product, service or the visions & values of your company, plus this is BIG FUN!