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Enriching Team Experiences

Connections Team Building & Training

We are Colorado’s leading team bonding authority. Our Team Adventures will motivate, energize, create cohesive groups, improve communication skills, and increase knowledge retention.

Our Core Purpose

To create cultures and build teams that improve lives

Our Values

Happy: Choose happiness & gratitude, it is a choice.

Hungry: Be passionate about what you do

Humble: Be sincere and real.

Helpful: Try to improve something and create win/win

Human: Be kind, considerate and empathetic


Choose a Team Adventure from our array of programs. If you have your own idea or concept, let us know, we will work with you to make it happen. It is very important for you to determine what you are trying to accomplish or any specific team goals you have. For example are you simply trying to create a fun experience for you group to share that will help them bond or are you needing some specific help with communication issues. Another great way to use Team Adventure programs is to test knowledge or as part of a training program.

How it Works

All of our Team Adventures are different for each client based on your needs and your groups’ demographics. Other differences are determined by the size of the group, the budget for the event, and the location of the adventure. Ask our event designers to help you find a location, arrange for food and beverages, décor, tents, tables & chairs and any other event needs you may have to make your planning hassle-free.


Once we have decided together on the what, where, why, and how your program will work best, we do the rest! We will create all of the team agendas, scheduling, scoring, maps, and challenges.

We will work with you to randomly divide the group into teams or if you want the teams divided in a specific way we can do that as well.

Once teams are on site and all together, they will be introduced to our Facilitator and given the rules and an overview to the program. The teams will then have a few moments to choose a team leader before they are given their team packets. These packets will have everything they need to complete the challenges ahead of them. The most important information in the packet is their team schedule. Their schedule will give them directions of which station they are supposed to be at and times for each challenge they will face that day.

When we say go…The games will begin, and teams will head to their first of many challenges that day. There are break times that the teams will have to catch their breath that also give them time to create a special ending piece and entertaining ways to earn bonus points.

We mix it up with “head to head”, individual, and “all play” challenges. The demographics of your group will help us put just the right amount of physical vs. mental challenges into your Team Adventure. Our goal is to stimulate each and everyone on the teams as they participate that day.

We will take care of all the score keeping during the event and a final score with the winner and top teams will be announced shortly after the games have finished.

A Sample Play Date

Concept 3, Bonding Icon (1)


Teams arrive to check-in and are given a team identifier

Concept 3, Charitable Icon


The Emcee/event facilitator gets group to divide into teams using team identifier

Concept 3, Communication Icon


Emcee gives an introduction and the rules for the event

Concept 3, Communication Icon

1:45 - 2:00pm

All teams compete against each other in one all group challenge

Concept 3, Social Responsibility Icon


Teams compete at a variety of challenge stations head-to-head style, rotating so that each team gets to participate in all challenges against other teams

Concept 3, Testing Knowledge Icon


Teams perform team cheers

Concept 3, Resourcefulness Icon


The final point totals for all teams are announced and winners celebrate

Concept 3, In-Depth Team Training Icon


Bring out the food and beverage and spend the next hour and a half laughing about the FUN you just had!