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Team Building Events To meet Your Goals

We see team building as two sides of the same coin.

On one side, there are bonding experiences; programs that create a fun, high-spirited event that helps coworkers bond through fun activities and adventures.

On the other side, there are training, workshops, and assessments that help your team have a true understanding of each other and learn the behaviors necessary to be a truly cohesive, results-based team.

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Team Building Adventures

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Team Facilitation & Training

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Team Building Adventures

What We Can Do For You.

Our Team Adventures will motivate, energize, create cohesive groups, improve communication skills, and increase knowledge retention. These activities can provide insight to the strengths of individuals. At the same time they teach participants that by working together, the team wins. The people that create the backbone of your organization will take home an invaluable experience. Most importantly their experience will create lasting memories of the FUN they had.

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What our clients say


The teams really enjoyed the afternoon, even some that I thought might not have fun. Those folks seemed to have the most fun. Thanks again!!

Joyce, Just Right Surgical

We’ve done the Disc profile and workshop from Connections Team Building with Dawn Abbott twice and were very pleased with the results.  Seeing the different types of personalities and how they communicate really helped us to understand our culture and how we relate to each other.  We learned that we are all very similar and that is why we work so well together.  However, we also learned that “too much of the same” can bring other issues.  We learned that we need to have a little more “D” energy and we have since brought that into our company with very good results.  We’re in the process of hiring right now and will bring Dawn in again when our team gets to a stable point.  

Janet Neal, Locution